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Friends, we live in troubled times - there's no doubting that. We hear all about friends and neighbors - people just like you and me - who are struggling to make ends meet. Unemployment has touched us all in some way, and we all suffer for it. I hear a lot of new and crazy ideas on how to fix things - spend more money, give more handouts, start new programs, and so on. What people don't realize is that we don't need some new crazy way of doing something to fix our problems. Afterall, the problems we face now have been faced by Americans since this great land was founded. Right now we need to fall back on time-tested solutions, not social theory. As I've traveled throughout the Commonwealth I've seen real people with real problems, not guinea pigs for a politician's experiments.

To make our homes and our future a better and brighter place, we don't need to start at the top - we need to start right here with ourselves. If you improve the living condition of a single home, it has a ripple effect throughout the street. Improve the street, it ripples to the neighborhood. Improve the neighborhood, it ripples to the county. Improve the county, it ripples through the state. Improve the state, it ripples to the entire nation. In each of us we have the power to improve our own lives, to improve the lives of our neighbors, our state, and our country.

I was born in Virginia, and grew up right here in Fairfax County. I'm proud to have lived my life in the homeland of George Washington, and proud to call this great state my own. Virginia has shown the kind of can-do attitude that has kept this country great. Even in times of economic downturn, our state continues to grow and thrive where others have shrunk and whithered. But I know we can't rest on our laurels and hope everything will turn out okay. Today we're beginning to struggle - if we do nothing, what will happen? I for one don't want to find out, which is why I've decided to run for the United States Senate. I know that with our values, our strength, our undying love of this great state and this great nation, we can make our lives better - not just for us, but for generations to come.

I ask you to support me. I ask you to help. I ask you to allow me to represent you in the United States Senate.

I thank you for your support, and look forward to serving you in Washington DC.

"The Greatest Land of All"


"Vote the Humans Out"

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